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Due to increased work and family responsibilities as well as time constraints we have made the difficult decision to scale back Keystone Juniors, LLC. 

This has been something building over the last few years, to which we have discussed at great length, various options. Please know this hasn’t been an easy decision for us. We are not stopping club because of our daughter. I know this rumor has been around for a while, but we want to reassure you that was never the reason.

Time has become very sparse for us over the past year or so, as we both have picked up increased responsibilities at work, a hectic travel schedule among many other personal issues. 

Keystone Juniors will continue to exist as we will continue to offer our Junior Developmental Program, Summer Camps, Skills Clinics and occasionally some other offerings; however, we will no longer offer and participate as a volleyball club. 

This past year dealing with the various issues has brought this decision ahead of our original schedule. The time required for region business has become a major obstacle over the past few years, as well as the fielding of calls and emails, the scheduling and entering of tournaments, the costs of gyms, the effort to find gyms and quality coaches, the time needed to advertise, the continued effort to keep costs down, etc. has all been building to an overwhelming point. 

The club volleyball landscape has changed dramatically since we started Keystone Juniors in 2004 and even more so from when we first entered the club scene in 1996. The efforts to keep Keystone Juniors active and relevant have been very successful. We are extremely proud of that. 

We are very thankful to everyone who has offered their commitment, loyalty, dedication and sense of fun over the years, to make Keystone Juniors one of the most respected and successful organizations in the region! Our accomplishments as an organization are great. We feel very proud of the players who have been able to develop their skills and achieve a high level of volleyball success under our banner, as well as all the coaches, past and present, who helped make that possible. We are forever indebted to everyone that has made Keystone Juniors the success it has become, and we look forward to its next chapter in the near future.

We would like to thank all the coaches, players, and families throughout the years that we had the pleasure of knowing. We have met some incredible families and players, and this is one of the reasons why this decision was difficult.



Bill & Brenda Collins